Frederick Wallace Emma Smith


Fred Smith was born on August 11, 1944 in Marx, a suburb of Memphis, on the Mississippi. Fred's father died when he was four. Father Fred Smith was like Horatio Aldzheru that made ​​a fortune through hard work, has a unique gift and power of the spirit. He was the founder of the Dixie Greyhound bus lines and a chain of restaurants called "Toddl House" (House for vagrants). Fred Smith knew that in 21 years will inherit millions, but the money was never hindered his desire for personal success.

Fred Smith suffered from a congenital disease called disease Calva - Pertisa. This disease shackled movement of his hips. He had to wear braces and walking on crutches for most of his youth.

One of the greatest passing through life influenced by Fred Smith's letter, written by his father before his death. In the letter, the father hoped that Fred Smith has sent the state into the work, and did not get one of the idle rich. Following the advice of his father, Fred Smith has made his money in start-up capital in the future to continue to take risks.
At fifteen, he learned to fly a plane and his hobby became pollinate crops from the plane. At sixteen, he and two classmates organized a recording studio "Ardent record company" that works so far.

Fred Smith left the studio to go to Yale. He became known as a sociable guy. Who just did not deliver it in his twin-engine plane in the women's college located in the county. Fred Smith could lead a life of "secured student." However, his charisma and passion for the work appeared in his youth. He worked as a disc jockey at local festivals, helped organize the Yale Flying Club and became a member of the prestigious Secret Honor Society, known as the "Skull and Bones".

Business Story:

In 1966, Fred Smith, and graduated with a degree in economics, immediately enlisted in the Marine forces. He served two terms as a mandatory pilot reconnaissance, during which committed two hundred sorties, heading a group of flying. David Silver, who interviewed him for the publication of "Entrepreneurs-millionaires", came to the conclusion that the war years were the cause of Smith's extraordinary commitment to innovation. "The experience of service in Vietnam taught Smith to cope with loss and overcome despair." School Vietnam helped him banish the ghosts of the past and most of it has brought the spirit of risk.

The company "Federal Express" owes its existence to the tenacity and charisma only Smith. He has spent years studying the market, has invested 150,000 dollars. in professional studies - in order to convince the financial community that it has a good idea of ​​the potential. Fred Smith has spent years trying to convince budding businessmen to take part in the project clock delivery. Herculean efforts to overcome the technical, administrative and financial constraints, it is impossible to imagine. This is indicated by the following figures.

"Federal Express" is in communication with its customers suppliers through 395 airplanes, 29000 platforms and carriers, 25,000 points of delivery and receipt of goods. Every day, she performs 297,000 orders, accompanied by lots and lots of discussions with customers, suppliers and carriers. This system has to deal with every day more than a million contractors in 119 countries.

Such large-scale enterprises should take the Unfunded major airlines, leading cargo companies or United States Postal Service. Major airlines have been strategically predisposed to implementation of the new market services but feared the risk of financial loss. They get a good income from air cargo, as controlled transport (airplanes), by which to delivery. "Emery," "Eyrborn" and "Flying Tiger" - the main company, trucking, were interested in the idea of ​​clock delivery. Yet they are too afraid of the unknown, and Fred Smith put on this idea all his fortune. In addition, he risked his reputation. The terrible upheavals of those years, he said in 1976, in Memphis:

No one on earth knows through what I went through in that year (1973), and I'm happy that he vaguely remember details that you ask me. As for the injury, which gave me this year, I can say that I felt a lot of pressure, always different events, I went to a lot, spent a lot of meetings with bankers - investors, "General Dinamikc" a lot of different people who came in Memphis, and I can not even recall the details of a single event that occurred at that time, in addition to the time I was obsessed with the organization of the company (Saygafus, 1983.).

Fred Smith - a true adventurer who survived, thanks to magnetic charm and charisma. His unorthodox style action confirms incident that occurred at the beginning of his career, when he settled with the creditors the money won in the "Black Jack". It was one of those dark days in the early 1970s, when Fred was fighting for a cash infusion from any source. Jessica Switch from "En-BBC News" reported the story July 19, 1973, after she met him at the airport. He said he had just turned down the "General Dynamics" and is located in a depression. He looked at the plane to Memphis, and then on the plane flying to Las Vegas and suddenly jumped on a flight to Las Vegas. According to Savage, Smith said:

I was in Chicago when I was once again denied the source of funds, which I had hoped. I went to the airport to go back to Memphis, and saw the schedule flight to Las Vegas. I won 27,000 dollars., Starting with a couple of hundred, and sent the money to Memphis. The amount of 27,000 dollars. solves nothing, but it was a sign that things will get better (Saygafus, 1983.).

Fred Smith was a gambler, regardless of whether he played tennis, ran the "Federal Express", or flying in an airplane. One day, one of the first flights between Memphis and Little Rock Fred had to make an emergency landing in a jet. This could result in a tragic accident but not repulsed his passion for flying. Employees Fred saw him as an idol, which is evident from the reviews of it in the press and stories drivers "Federal Express". Jay Conger was researching the character traits like charisma and elected Fred Smith, the main object of his scientific work "charismatic leader."

In February 1989, the newspaper "BusinessWeek" article appeared, containing a quote director of "Federal Express" Roger Frock on leadership abilities Fred Smith: "We need his charisma, his leadership." Other staff members have characterized Smith as chief mastermind, who refers to the sense of their employees. He's almost a father treated his people. One example of his loyal, protective, almost Japanese relations to employees, is the fact that the "Federal Express" for twenty years there was not a single case of dismissal. This success is largely determined by the corporate philosophy of Fred, whose motto was: "People - Service - Advantage." It is no accident, "people" are the first place - a credo of charismatic leaders.


Hour service delivery Fred Smith has changed the way of doing business around the world. Its impact on the business world is comparable to the effect of innovation on Ted Turner's world of communications. Enlargement of the European Common Market has opened many opportunities for businesses that have been isolated because of the costs required to enter the market. New businesses can now operate in remote areas that are exempt from having to invest in a countless number of stores and the acquisition of equipment. Only a few years ago it was impossible. These widespread change and new opportunities have emerged thanks to the new thinking generated by "absolutely positive clock" Fred Smith, gripping the world. These new global developments and opportunities, of course, changed the world of business and the balance of power in the global economic space. Charismatic leader Fred Smith became a key figure in this global change. He will be remembered as a man who mastered the world of business.

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